Sunday, 27 November 2011

Treasury Sunday

I haven't done one of these for a long time so here are two. Just like buses!

There are so many gorgeous handmade items available for Christmas that I can't see me trawling around the high street shops. After a shopping trip on Friday and experiencing appalling customer service I've decided to take the handmade pledge.

Here are two collections of gift ideas for bunny mummies and cat lovers. Chosen to appeal to different tastes I hope there's something here for everyone. Lots of my favourite people have been included. You know who you are!

Have a great week!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My week

consisted of a wheelie bin, a traffic cone, L plates and dumbbells. Plus Dizzy and a polar bear. Yes, a polar bear.

Oh and a few penguins! You'll have to wait to see just how these are connected.

It also saw a raging battle between me, Google Analytics and a certain online shopping site. I refused to surrender. After downloading new browers, adding codes, changing codes, entering new codes, deleting sites and a lot of swearing I think I've won.

It helped that I had the massed weight of the Folksy forum on my side. Thanks go to Mary from Polkadots and Posies and Dave from Gelert Design for their help with Google Analytics. If you are using Internet Explorer and click on their link try Chrome or Firefox. It will look much better.

Remember my list one a day pledge? You won't be surprised to find out that I haven't kept it. That's where the wheelie bin et al come in. I have, thanks to Folksy bootcamp, kept pinning, tweeting and stumbling. Still no Facebook but why rush things? As I'm in the mood, special thanks to Natalie from Nofkants Curios for oragnising and keeping tabs for November Nexus. Also to Mairi from Maram Jewellery from running bootcamp.

Now for some lovely gift ideas. All available from those lovely sellers on Folksy.


Thursday, 10 November 2011

This week I have been ...

all yoyoed out!
suffering from RSI after making 648 said yoyos
really not wanting to look at a crochet hook for a while
busy cleaning (yuck)
getting to grips with social networking
(you're impressed now!)

I have signed up to the Folksy bootcamp. It's a lot less threatening than the Etsy version.
On Monday I grappled with Stumbled Upon.
On Tuesday I tweeted at Twitter.
On Wednesday I pinned at Pinterest.

Today I'm reinforcing my learning by doing all three but not all at the same time because that's just plain dangerous. I've also added the little buttons on my sidebar. Have a go. See where they take you!

I don't really get Stumbled Upon. I quite like tweeting. It helps if you follow people like Alan Carr. I'm addicted to Pinterest.

I've also stuck to my promise to list an item a day. I did have a slight wobble on Saturday. I got home late and Dizzy had been left out in the dark. Bonfire Night and cats are not a happy coupling. She was terrified and I spent the night with her in my arms like the baby she is. I was forced to watch Strictly, X Factor, X Factor Extra and series 6 of my Sopranos boxed set.

These are just some of the items I've listed


I know I've gone for Christmas overload but this is the first Christmas that I've not worked and I'm getting really excited. It's made me realise that all those year in education ruined Christmas for me. But not this year!

The little crochet hoop at the bottom has been chosen as a potential entry into the spring lookbook for Etsy Europe. I'll have to get more photos done.

I'll be back tomorrow with my favourites of the week. Have a great 10th!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Yoyos finished!

OK, I failed my October promise of a listing a day but I did have a very good reason. I finished the yoyo blanket and it's winging its way to Australia as I write.

Of course the light was awful but there are very few places I could have put it to get good light. The colours are gorgeous and almost jewel like. I'm glad I didn't add the white.

So that brings me to November and the daily listings. It's also a chance for me to put all forms of social networking into play. This week should see me fully signed up.

Today I have Stumbled Upon. When I work out how to add the button to my blog I will link them.


Have a great week!