Sunday, 28 December 2014

Cable blanket

This started out as a cable crochet blanket but has changed identities along the way.

There are three different panels here; a right cross cable, a left cross cable and one that I've named a bobble ladder. I've made six so far and they need to be pieced together with a crochet join.

The pattern for the cables is Lion Brands classic cable throw. The bobble ladder is my own pattern. I wanted more texture with a panel that fitted the twists of the cables hence the odd pieces of lifeline yarn.

Bobble Ladder

I used Aran weight wool and 6mm knitted needles.

MB-make bobble. These are 5 stitch bobbles. For a tutorial Vogue knitting is the best.

Cast on 25

Knit 2 rows (edging)

Row 1:  k2, p2, k17, p2, k2 (right side)

Row 2 and every ws row: k4, p6, k5, p6, k4

Row 3-11: as row 1

Row 13: k2, p2, k8, MB, k8, P2, k2

Row 15-17  as row 1

Row 19: k2, p2, k3, MB, k9, MB, k3, p2, k2

Carry on in pattern until it's the required length. To fit the cable panel; 
Repeat the rows 2 to 6   
Knit 2 rows
Cast off in knit

Friday, 17 January 2014

Big news!

This is the reason I've been absent from blogland for so long.

Yes, it's my very own book. It's taken a year from the initial concept to its publication.

I can't thank the staff at Quarto enough for their help and guidance. They've been wonderful to work with. I'm so pleased with the finished book. The photography and layout are superb.

I'll tell you more about the process in later posts. In the meantime I'm off for a vanity check on Amazon