Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

I can't believe it's come around again. I promised I wouldn't moan about the weather but this time last year we had the best weather imaginable. OK, some areas hadn't had rainfall for months but to call it a drought was ridiculous. As soon as drought warnings went out you know what happened. Month after month after month of rain, floods, freak storms and hurricanes. This winter has brought subzero temperatures, late snow and ice.

People are making this Easter a reason to put it all behind them and celebrate. British Summer Time starts tonight. Yipeee!

We've stocked up on cakes, lamb, (Welsh of course) chocolate and deicer. Tonight will be a snuggle under a blanket night with a glass of wine and a cat or two to cwtch.

I'm forgetting about calories for the weekend but I feel a little self-righteous for buying ethically. On two counts; I've bought from a local shop and considered the use of palm oil.

Not intending to get preachy. There'll be enough of that this weekend. You can check how green your Easter goodies are at The Rainforest Foundation

Just look at these beauties from Ella Riley's Toffee and Sweet Shop. I said retro and Freya came up with dolly mixtures and alphabet letters. They're too good to share and Rolla isn't coming home this weekend. Oh well, more for me!

Have a great holiday!