Sunday, 22 September 2013

Introducing Ralph

This is Beth's new kitten Ralph. He's six weeks old and everything you expect a six week old kitten to be. Fun, naughty, loving and soooo cute.

After a full inspection of his new blanket he decided that his favourite colour was the one with a hand underneath it. Fingers are good to chase and even better to chew.

The squared spot crochet blanket had been finished just in time. It was to go into the shop but…

Welcome to the family, Ralph and Happy Birthday, Beth!

Monday, 26 August 2013

Something blue

and pink and purple, red , yellow and green

or how to add something new to something blue.

My plain blue coasters have been in the back of my shop of too long. They needed a refresh and a remodel. I've added a pink, double crochet border and simple lazy daisy flowers with a few French knots.


I think they look so much better. They're back in the shop today.

The colours were influenced by Design Seeds pink flora.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Deep, hot water

Five shades of Wendy Merino 4 ply and 3mm knitting needles  - a story of unravelling disintegration.
What started as an experiment in adding texture to knitting nearly ended in plagiarism.

I wanted a way to add pleats or folds. Slip stitches that pulled up the starting row seemed the way to go. It was intended to look like rolling waves and it worked.

After writing up the pattern I came across a video on YouTube for rolling pleats. It's for a stitch pattern published in the May 2008 issue of Simply knitting and yes, it was almost the same as mine. So it was back to the drawing board.

One thing you might not know about me is that I listen to The Cure while I work. It's appropriate that I found my inspiration while listening to Disintegration.

I stripped it back to the bare stitches. What's the point of slipping stitches on every row when you don't need them? Got rid of them and bring them back when you actually want to work them.

The result was a crisper, sharper fold and much easier to write up. It's original and now I'm not in The Same Deep Water as Robert Smith.

Daisies and forget me nots

It's been a late spring this year. The lawn is full of self-seeded flowers so a cut will have to wait until they fade. The inspiration is right outside the window for this classic turquoise, yellow and white sphere with a pretty daisy chain trim. 

The yarn is Rico Essentials cotton with a 2.75 crochet hook. It will be surface embroidered with, of course, lazy daisy stitch.

My neighbours might have bowling green lawns but if the primroses, forget me nots and bluebells have decided to sprout I will not cut them down. It looks like a flower meadow at the moment. You can't spoil that!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Layered flower

I wanted a multilayered flower and had tweaked the base most of yesterday. I decided to scrap the idea and went for a water lily theme. It rests on blue which takes the heat out of the coral and yellow. The white looks brilliant white but it's there to make the other colours pop.

The cotton is Rico Essentials with a 3mm hook.

I would have loved to have created the sharpness of the lilies in my garden pond but there's only so much you can do in a three round crochet pattern.

Instead of structure I've gone for the tones in another of Design Seeds palettes.

Sunday, 19 May 2013


I've decided to keep a record of my work. You won't see the finished projects just yet but this is my way of remembering colours, yarn and hook size. No matter how many notes and patterns I write it's always an image that sparks my memory.

I love these bright colours from Lion Brand. They are called Bonbons. At just 10g each they're perfect for small projects.

The colour combination was inspired by Design Seeds

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter

I can't believe it's come around again. I promised I wouldn't moan about the weather but this time last year we had the best weather imaginable. OK, some areas hadn't had rainfall for months but to call it a drought was ridiculous. As soon as drought warnings went out you know what happened. Month after month after month of rain, floods, freak storms and hurricanes. This winter has brought subzero temperatures, late snow and ice.

People are making this Easter a reason to put it all behind them and celebrate. British Summer Time starts tonight. Yipeee!

We've stocked up on cakes, lamb, (Welsh of course) chocolate and deicer. Tonight will be a snuggle under a blanket night with a glass of wine and a cat or two to cwtch.

I'm forgetting about calories for the weekend but I feel a little self-righteous for buying ethically. On two counts; I've bought from a local shop and considered the use of palm oil.

Not intending to get preachy. There'll be enough of that this weekend. You can check how green your Easter goodies are at The Rainforest Foundation

Just look at these beauties from Ella Riley's Toffee and Sweet Shop. I said retro and Freya came up with dolly mixtures and alphabet letters. They're too good to share and Rolla isn't coming home this weekend. Oh well, more for me!

Have a great holiday!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Pantone Colours

The Pantone Colour of 2013 is...

I know this isn't news and the announcement was made way back when but I've been such an awful blogger that it's taken me this long to add it to the list.

My work commitment this year means that I haven't got time to make Etsy treasuries so I'll take the easy way out and look at Pinterest.

Pantone's own Emerald board has some gorgeous pins to inspire even the most jaded blogger. My person favourite? These super gorgeous ruffles that lift any dress from bland to striking.

Somewhere you'll find the perfect accessory similar to this Reed Krakoff leather tote. It's now unavailable but there are great alternatives out there. Try The Cambridge Satchel Company for a more informal look.

If the £991.46 price tag for the tote sounds a little steep then perhaps a vintage find is more your thing.

Of course, if you're really classy you'll find the most perfect accessory to match your eyes.

Us cats know how to roll.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

or Happy New Year!

Thanks for being here for another year. A wet soggy year it was too. Record breaking in its rainfall. All the more reason for celebrating the first sunny day of 2013.

No resolutions from me except to get out more on the days the monsoon lets up. Oh, and to shift some weight, get more organised, have a life. All the usual.

Today I woke up to a blue sky and a brisk wind. A bit like being in foreign climes. I decided to go for a drive except when I hit the coast road I joined the rest of the sheep on their way to the beach. I headed over the mountain road instead and came across these boys. 

Birds are great. You can tell who's who in the pecking order. It was such a change to be hissed at by something other than Dizzy.

I had some odd looks from over the dry stone wall. The superiority of a creature who looks better in a high necked Dizabone jacket than any human. He soon lost interest and carried on soaking up the warmth.

Have a great 2013!