Sunday, 8 March 2015

Colour Inspiration

My new Blue Face Leicester, 4ply wool was customer dyed by Becky King. I love the gorgeous, jewel colours and can't wait to start knitting with them.

Becky is a joy to work with. Having only two photos to work with she's done an amazing job. I can't tell you the technical side of things but our inspiration for the colour combinations came from Design Seeds. The first is refreshing hues.

The second is tropical birds.

My photos don't do justice to the colours but it's murky and wet outside. Just the right weather to get out my pins and decide what to make with them.

Thanks Becky!


Bebby said...

Wow the colours are gorgeous Cat! I have knitted with Becky's yarn and the wristwarmers showed all the glorious colours.

Lianne Berploudest said...

oooooh scrummy colours! Hot work Becky, you've matched those pics really well!! and Cat, I look forward to seeing what you make with them and how they turn out...will you be knitting or crocheting with them? The only time i ever regret not being a nitter is with yarns like these,personally i much prefer the effect when they're knitted