Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Granny Square Tutorial

Lots of people that I know have started crochet and usually the first thing they want to make is a granny square. There are so many tutes out there on blogs and YouTube that give conflicting instructions. Believe me when I started I used so many different methods before developing my own.

I think the whole point of a square is that it should have corners. You can't have a good turn if you just use two chains. I always use three. I also put a chain before each treble cluster on the sides.

I also join the rounds with a treble instead of chains. This brings you up in the middle of the space you need to work in. No need for slip stitches.

These are the notes I've made for my workshop. Keep scrolling down for the picture tutorial and further still for the chart.

All Things Granny

Single colour Granny Square

I've used a standard double knit and a 4mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations for UK terms. For US terms substitute dc instead of treble.

ch  = chain
tr = treble
ss = slipstitch

In this pattern the stitches are worked in the spaces of the row beneath.

Foundation row: Ch5, join to 1st chain with a ss to form a ring.

Round 1: Ch3, (counts as first tr) 2tr in the ring, * 3ch, 3tr in ring* 3 times, tr to top of 1st ch3 (4 tr groups)

Round 2: ch3, 2tr in the same space, *1ch, 3tr, 3ch, 3tr in next ch3 space* 3 times, ch1, 3tr, in the next 3ch space, tr to the top of the 1st ch3 (8 tr groups)

Continue in this way. Remember to ch1 between the treble groups on the sides but ch3 between the treble groups in the corners.

Round 1
Make a slipknot, pull yarn through

  Chain 5.  Slipstitch to 1st chain to make a ring

 chain 3

Working the trebles in the ring, treble 2, chain 3

Treble 3, chain 3. Repeat until you have 4 treble groups.

To join, treble into the top of 1st  ch3 to close the round. Sometimes this is difficult to see if you're new to crochet and your tension is tight. I've place a blunt ended needle in the spot to show where to find it.

Handy hint - When you make your ch3 use a stitch maker in the third chain.

Round 2:

Chain 3

 Treble 2 in same space, chain 1

Now we're working in the next corner space.

Treble 3, chain 3, treble 3 in next space, chain 1

In last space, where you've already completed your first join;
Treble 3 join with treble in the top of 1st ch3

For your next round start with the ch3 and treble 2, ch1 and then treble 3 in the next ch1 space. After your treble cluster ch1.
Your corners will be exactly the same as you worked in the second round.

The chart shows two rounds only. The dot usually indicates a slip stitch but I've added it to show you where the joining treble goes.


Lianne Berploudest said...

great post Cat, I do mine the same way too; joining with a treble. It makes so much more sense as you get a neater result, and it's easier!

Baban Cat said...

Thanks Lianne. I hate the way that some instructions join in silly places. My first granny square ever had a gap running through it because the 3ch start wasn't in the corner.