Wednesday, 7 December 2011


My thoughts on dressing up pets have changed over the years. Our first cat Mickey (after the mouse) liked to be dressed up and pushed around in a pram. He looked good in a baby bonnet and could really carry off a frilly dress.

I'm a grown up now and Mickey went to cat heaven a long time ago. I hadn't thought of him for a long time until I read Marilyn's blog and I found this,

Simply gorgeous from Getting stitched on the farm.

Now do you think Dizzy would oblige? Or perhaps Posie? Oh, heck I might just have to 'borrow' a lamb from my friend Jan!


averilpam said...

Well if their own woolly coats haven't grown thick enough yet, then a lovely knitted jumper is just the thing!

Bebby said...

I heard about a local group who were knitting sweaters for ex-battery hens who had lost their feathers and were suffering in the cold snow! And I think that lamb looks adorable in his custom sweater!

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Cute, but I'm betting the current cats aren't as into dressing up! :-)

Hearthandmade said...

omg!! its so cute

Hearthandmade said...

theres a thing in oz and new zealand I think - penguin island... (over there) have a world wide call for knitted jumpers for penguins for when they get caught in oil slicks because they can't clean themselves or they will die from the owl.

Penguins wearing jumpers is adorable!