Friday, 24 February 2012

Play it again Clint

This time with emotion! Not misty but foggy. And not the best day for a walk but it's one of those days when it's warm and springlike even if you can't see a thing. It's also been a day of strange happenings.

I got retweeted by our celebrity weatherman. Given it was a pretty poor joke but it was raised enough of a chuckle for him to press retweet. No, I not going to share it with you.

The road to my favourite beach has been changed. My favourite restaurant has closed down. I should have gone more often, drank more wine, been tempted by the desserts. Gone too is the death defying drive along the cliffs. Instead a step climb with an embankment so that you can't see the drop. Now that's my kind of road. I shall be going more often, taking more snaps, taking longer walks.

The beach is strange in the fog. The surf roars so much that you don't where the sea is and figures come out of the murk.

There was no way I was crossing the stepping stones at Ogmore today.

 and the castle looked less than inviting.

Back home to a warming cuppa and I finished this in time for the big match tomorrow.

C'mon Wales!

If Wales wins I'll tell you the joke but I'm not tempting fate. Have a great weekend.


Cariadclay said...

Wow those foggy pictures are fab!

i love being by the sea when the weather isn't good, it look magical x

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Great pics Cat! Fog is so cool isn't it?

sewhavok+art+designs said...

Those photos are beautiful, Cat! Lovely and ethereal. You really made the fog work to your advantage ;)

SJ Egan - Fragment Designs said...

Some fantastic fossil hunting to be done on Ogmore! Great corals.

Baban Cat said...

Oh, yes Sarah! The children spent hours collecting gryphaea. I always wanted a huge ammonite.