Sunday, 26 February 2012

Reasons to be cheerful part 2

I bring you sunshine and not even on a rainy day! I tried hard to find it but here it is, the only cloud in the sky.

As I was taking the photo mayhem broke loose. A flock of gulls and crows mobbed this,

The only shot that shows it was a buzzard. Three of them to be precise. The other shots are blurred because of all the frantic mobbing.

And then at night a waxing crescent moon and Venus. I didn't get Jupiter but I'll try tonight. I haven't got a clue about taking night photos but it's shiny.

It's amazing the things you see when it's not misty, foggy or raining!

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SJ Egan - Fragment Designs said...

Brilliant! I find buzzards fasinating! We don't have them in Ireland and I was so confused when I got here and people were talking about them!