Thursday, 31 May 2012

Art Party - May

This month's Etsian Artists Art Party theme is cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is not a concept that I'm familiar with. Punk to me is the Sex Pistols, Clash et al, spitting and pogoing. Not easy to portray through crochet!

I watched Blade Runner, again, was very tempted to watch the Matrix but it still hurts my brain. In the end I came up with two creations. One was more successful than the other.

My eyebot was top heavy even though he's reinforced with metal legs. He's going to be minus legs cos that's the way he rolls!

My second is a little punky, goth, emo. You decide! You can find him here on Etsy

You all know my love of amigurumi. He was more fun to do. I might end up hooked!


Lizzy Love said...

hes so cute!!!!! I love both of the projects though, great work!!!!!! :) <3

Kathy said...

I love your eye robot! If he had a mouth and watching me he would be hollaring get to work girl:)