Saturday, 2 June 2012

Happy Saturday

My blogging has been sparse since the whole Blogger update. For that I'm truly sorry. As a way of making it up to you I give you a little vid.

The first film made me smile when I saw it on Fondant Fibre. Thanks for sharing, Deborah.

It's the story of sustainable wool production. Here's the final cut from Wools of New Zealand. 


SJ Egan - Fragment Designs said...

Why is there a sheep hanging by his leg in the background? ...Both cute and strange video.

Baban Cat said...

It is a little strange. It's from New Zealand so perhaps it's a cultural thing :)Flight of the Conchords was a bit strange and that from there too.

Lizzy Love said...

cute! I like it! lol

life behind Cwtch Bugs said...

Different :) I think the sheep hanging by his leg is bungee jumping!!!!

Brandy Lindsey said...

Cute video.

WoolnHook said...

I have passed the Liebster blog award to you! Visit me at to read all about it. Happy Blogging!
Leonie (WoolnHook)