Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crochet Suffolk puffs

I know there are fans of crochet yoyos out there. It's time for another fix.

I had wool left over after making my MHZZ blanket and used  it up making yoyos. The best thing about crochet is watching the piles grow. When you run out of room in the box you know it's time to start to lay out your random pattern. Random is not easy when you only have four colours.

If you fancy having a go there is a free pattern here. It's a how I do it rather than how it should be done. For that you'll have to buy "Crocheted Throws and Wraps" by Melody Griffiths.

The finished blanket can be found on Etsy


Bebby said...

Cat, your blanket is incredibly gorgeous and the crochet puffs look like biscuits packed in the box!

Helen said...

I love this.. I think I just might have to have a go at this myself!

Send me some magic to make them as perfect as yours..

Brill work Cat.. I loves it! xxx

Baban Cat said...

Thanks ladies.
Helen, you'd finish a bedspread in a week! Tidy!!

Lizzy Love said...

Cute!!! Must be very time consuming! :)

Mysterious Cats Crochet, Amigurumis and Patterns said...

Beautiful! Great use of left over yarn :)

Emma @ The Blooming Times said...

Oh my good golly gosh, these are just so CUTE!! I am def having a go...right now in fact (even though I currently have crochet cramp from rushing to get my baby blanket finished) :o))))xxx