Saturday, 9 June 2012

Crochet cookies

Happy Saturday! After two days of gale force winds and torrential rain the sun has finally come out. I tell you, I'm not enjoying this drought!

This week I've been mostly decorating and flicking through Pinterest to cheer myself up. Love the pins of some of my contacts. These are simply too good not to share. They made me look twice because I thought they were some new type of granny square and I got really excited. Better than than they're biscuits and truly are good enough to eat. You can find them and lots of other great ideas on I Feel Cook

I have to rush off now to buy square biscuit cutters! Where are my wellies?


Mysterious Cats Crochet, Amigurumis and Patterns said...

Those cookies look amazing! And this weather is really driving me crazy too. Jumpers on June? :O

Lizzy Love said...

OMG now ive seen it all! lol They look yummy too!

Emma @ The Blooming Times said...

These are so pretty...I think I might enjoy eating them :o) xx