Wednesday, 20 June 2012

When Posie met Tufty

There I am sitting on the step minding my own business waiting for mum indoors to let me in when I spot this in the weedy place at the bottom of the garden.

The next thing I know the door opens she lifts me up and drops me on the kitchen floor. Wagging fingers and no, no, no, not, don't, naughty girl, right to live, rubbish, rubbish, tosh, bosh. No good words, cwtch or food. Only one thing a cat can do. Sit on a chair and sulk and doze and nap and still keep that eye open on the great view of the garden.

Mum's doing something with the big noisy white thing that splashes water and I'm not allowed to sit in it. Now she's got the wet things in the basket and is OPENING THE DOOR!!!!

Through the feet, down the garden, up the tree!

There I am!! Hiding, lurking, sulking.

  There he is grinning, laughing, smirking.

I'll just wait here. Show him I mean business. 'Til the next time.


Should I show Mum this?

Wasn't me. It was Dizzy. I'm a good girl.


Lizzy Love said...

what a cute little story and great photos! Made me smile, I love it!!!!! well done ♥

Pins and Needles said...

Hehe! My cat only has 3 legs so the worst he can manage is to corner an unfortunate frog occasionally. Love the word 'cwtch' too! :-)

Mrs Jones said...

I enjoyed your cat's story of the squirrel. Very cute.

Mysterious Cats Crochet, Amigurumis and Patterns said...

So sweet! I'm sure Posie would not harm Tufty!

Baban Cat said...

The trouble is Posie is a lean mean killing machine. Don't be fooled by her!

BaggieAggie said...

I've got a lean, mean killing machine too, lol!

By the way, I've just passed The Versatile Blogger award to you - if you'd like to accept it, simply check out the rules here:

Rosie. x