Monday, 30 May 2011

A yarn

The yarn of the ever increasing cushion cover

Always willing to try something new I thought I'd try to crochet some starbursts. So with my 4.00 hook and Twilleys Freedom Sincere organic cotton I set off with the intention of making a cushion cover. First there were five, then twenty and then thirty. I wanted to finish them with cream and so chose Sublime's onion shade because the buttery cream gave the squares real warmth.

Nobody ever warns you about how addictive crochet can be. And that's where my troubles started. I got carried away and decided to make a blanket.

The Sublime organic cotton soon ran out. Originally bought during a sale at John Lewis I thought it would be a simple task of ordering more. I phoned up my local John Lewis - all sold and and no they couldn't order any because it had been discontinued. After two days scouring the Internet I finally gave up. Out of all the sites Knit and Sew had been fantastic and so had Bobby Davidson. Neither of them had it in stock but checked and doubled checked to make sure. 

Then in desperation I phoned Sublime. Yes, the shade had been discontinued but have I tried English Yarns? I phoned them up and, oh deep joy, they had it in stock. I ordered four, enough to finish the blanket.

After sewing it up I decided the blanket needed a border but dare I risk it? I put another order in and it arrived the following day.

                                                   And here's the finished blanket,

The moral of the story - be prepared! Don't ever start anything if you haven't got enough material.

Now I've got so much Sublime left over that I might just make a cushion cover after all.


Anonymous said...

I know I've said it before on Flickr. But this blanket is really, really gorgeous.

Baban Cat said...

Thank you so much. Now it's finished I must get my act together and sort out my Etsy shop.

bearpaw said...

I love your gorgeous blanket! Such a lovely colour pallette.

Baban Cat said...

Thank you bearpaw for being my first follower.

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Beautiful work and such a pretty colour combination!...
Susan x

2 Tuxedo Katz said...

I love love love this. I'd like to find the pattern for the square. My mom has next to no vision but she has continued to crochet grannys. I'd love the pattern so if you could let me know where I could find it I'd be so grateful and I'm sure my mom would be as well.

By the way it is so appropriate that another cat lover would be the one I'd find a beautiful granny on her blog.

Baban Cat said...

The pattern comes from Crocheted Throws and Wraps by Melody Griffiths but the pattern is a simple sunburst. You might find a free pattern somewhere. Good luck!