Monday, 23 May 2011


I want to share another addiction of mine. It makes me sound as if I have OCD. I haven't, honestly.
This one started long ago and because of that reason it will be difficult to quit. I grew up in Wales where, as you know, it rains - a lot. Paraphrasing Rhod Gilbert, "I was 12 before I realised I could take off my cagoule". Rain kept us indoors and off the mountains. It meant that we had to amuse ourselves in other ways. That's the reason the button box is so handy. I spent hours sorting and stringing.

Lately I've found a secret stash. Well, it's not a secret because it's in Andrew's shop but I am very territorial about it. I almost want to snatch them away when other customers search through them. The cards are scruffy but the buttons are a real find. I've just used my favourites to fasten a crochet cushion.

You need to look away from the cards to appreciate these buttons.

These are just a few of the vintage buttons from Andrew's shop.

And here are some special ones that I'll never part with.

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