Sunday, 29 May 2011

No Comment!

I know there are those of you who've been having trouble with comments on bloggerrrr. I've had a particularly frustrating week with it.

The demands of etsy have kept me pinned to the computer all week. Photographing items, loading them on flickr first to see if they look half decent, trying to run some sort of business - haven't got there yet. All of this with poor internet connection.

Really, if I see that circle of death and the flashing EXPLORER NOT RESPONDING one more time I'm going to ..... go back to my day job!

Fed up with having to constantly sign back in, I'd clicked 'Keep me signed in' on all my sites, cleared out all cookies and then - mayhem!

I couldn't sign in to blogger, but then my blog came up but with the 'sign in' still in the corner. Everytime I did anything, back to sign in. I couldn't leave comments. Couldn't receive comments. My draft blog published even though I had scheduled it for when I'd finished.

Last night, back to the same old thing. I'd just got back from a birthday party.

Note to self -

Vodka and blogger are a lethal combination. Don't drink and blog!

It makes you feel stabby!

It's here I have to thank Marilyn, room on the left. She'd posted that she'd had problems too. Simple solution. 'When it asks you to sign in unclick the keep me signed in.'

I gave it a go. The sign in page came up. Can you believe this? It told me I had the wrong user/password combo. Tried and tried.

I had to reset my password. Everytime I clicked my email link to reset my password the connection dropped. Four times! Grrrrrrrr

Reset it using my original password. Thought "This will never work". Signed in. Yeah!

I sent Marilyn a thank you note. She sent me a comment back.

All's well. For the moment.

Am I alone? Does anybody else find blogger help unhelpful?

I always do a Google search. There are some good, non blogger, video uploads by individuals pitched at the right level for people like me - recovering bloggerholics!


I lost my first blog and never did find it!

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