Monday, 18 April 2011


I've taken the plunge and sorted out my Etsy shop. I spent two days last week repackaging my garlands and bunting. Previously they had been wrapped around card because it was the only way I could think of to display them when we went to Milgi at Christmas. I've got hold of some recycled boxes, measured all the garlands again, simply coded them and tied them up with ribbon so that they don't get tangled up.

2 metres of red, white and blue flower garland.

3 metres of red bunting

2.2 metres of multicolured bunting

Etsy has some great help pages but when you're faced with US dollars it all gets a bit complicated. It is better to go with dollars or UK sterling? What about postage? How much does it cost to send to EU, non EU and everywhere else?  Measurement conversion? (These garlands stretch when you measure them so everything is an approximation) Shop policy? All the things I should have thought about before I listed.
Any tips or help gratefully received!

I've found a great measurement conversion site and the Royal Mail also has an overview of postal charges. I'm going to do a spot of editing today. Write my policy and anything I should have done way before now.
Then I'm going to put the flags out!


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