Saturday, 2 April 2011

Picnic basket

What's inside my picnic basket?

This week has been grey and I've been crocheting grey. On Thursday not wanting to put on the lights at midday to see what I was doing I decided to get out of the house. I packed my picnic basket and heading off , via the post office - bro's birthday and Mother's day all on the same weekend.

Where to go? It's a tough choice living where I do, mountains or sea, sea or mountains. Sea won out.

Inside my picnic basket are my essentials.

Crochet (of course) hook 3.5, scissors, stitch markers, organic cotton (Borage, Sublime organic cotton)

Cath Kitston's wild rose hand cream because it's in a little pot and smells good.

Beth's biscuits because I wasn't going out for hours but you still need snacks.

On the coast road I was overtaken by two VW camper vans. The shame of it! They had a long build up and a following wind and I was keeping within the speed limit! That was my first hint. Surfers in a rush could only mean one thing - waves.

This is a quiet stretch. The surf is good on the two beaches either side of the headland. It was windy but the light was good. There's a lovely bench here that, on a good day, has fantastic views over the Bristol Channel to the North Devon coast. This is where I sat and crocheted until the sea mist came rolling in.

So I packed up, sat in the car and ate Beth's biscuits. Yum.

Back home I blocked my motifs to finish my cushion cover but, and this will come as no surprise, I've run out of cotton. Sublime's organic cotton, shade borage, had been discontinued.

I so hope this is not the start of a theme.

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