Friday, 3 June 2011


I'd like you to meet Bill, so called because he's been compared to a burglar. When was the last time you saw a burglar wearing blue and cream stripes?

Bill, the totally organic doll. He's hand knitted and has a little crochet collar. Made from organic cotton and stuffed with organic wadding, he's the most environmentally friendly doll you can find.

He's been on my to finish list for a while. I didn't want to stuff him with polyester. He's had to wait for me to open up my lovely package from Organic Cotton Biz.

If you want to see some really inspiring knitting check out Little Cotton Rabbits and Mary Jane's Tearoom

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Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Bill is the colours...and I can tell he is pure yarny goodness!....
Susan x
P.S Thank you for the lovely comment...