Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nesting bowls

Working on the premise that you can never have enough storage I've been trying to get myself organised. With so many things on the go at the same time I need lots of small containers. I've seen some great patterns for stash baskets but didn't want to spend my time battling with patterns. They needed to be sturdy, not too deep that I lost things in them and easy to store when not in use. So I came up with the answer - a set of nesting bowls.

I spent most of the morning trawling through endless variations, none of which I wanted. By lunchtime I decided that I should think of it as simple Maths. Ha! I'm useless at Maths but I do like repetition and seeing patterns in things. Thinking of it logically, it's a circular base and sides.

I'd made plenty of coasters but had joined each round with a slip stitch and I'd once had a go at an amigurumi whatsit.

Using my practice acrylic and the largest hook I own (5.5mm) I set forth into the unknown.

I used the two colours that I had plenty of. You see? I am learning!

Blue and green, so this is a two thread double knit job.You also need a stitch marker. I move it to the start of each repeat.

To make a circle you need to have a steady increase.

Make a magic loop and chain 5. Slip stitch to form a ring. Close the magic ring here.
You don't join the rounds with a slip stitch. It will be a spiral.

1) 8dc in ring. Remembering to mark your first stitch. (8)
2) 2dc in every dc of the first round. (16)
3) 1dc then 2dc in next stitch. Repeat to end (24)
4) 1 dc in every stitch (24)
5) 1dc in next 2dc of previous row, 2dc in next stitch. Repeat to end (32)
6) 1dc in every stitch (32)
7) 1 dc in next 3 dc of previous row, 2dc in next stitch (40)
8) 1 dc in every stitch (40)
9) 1 dc in next 4 dc, 2dc in next stitch.

Can you see the pattern? Took me ages. Your last 2dc in the increase row should always come in the stitch before the marker for the start of the next row.

Carry on with one increase row followed by a normal row until you have a base of your desired size.
Mine are 20 cm, 14 cm and 10cm.

Now you've come this far you need a row that will mark the beginning of the sides. It will be too confusing, for me, to number it so I'll call it ...

1) ch1, miss next stitch 1dc in next stitch, ch1 miss next stitch 1dc in next stitch.
It can be difficult to see the stitch but running up the side of the dc in the previous row there should be a side thread. Push your hook through this. So you carry on chain 1, skipping next stitch, 1 dc until you come to the end of the round.

Now you just dc in every stitch until your sides are as deep as you want them and fasten off.

Depending on the firmness of the texture of your work you can either have a straight side or you can fold the sides over to make it stronger. Which is what I've done with mine.

I hope I've been clear. Get back to me if you have any problems. Send me your pictures too if you end up making any bowls. Suggestions and comments are always welcomed - provided they're polite ones of course!


Little Harriet said...

Love those bowls!Really useful. Have only been crocheting for a month so don't understand the patterns at all but hope one day I will then I can have a go at making them.

Baban Cat said...

These are really quite easy. You will need to learn how to make a ring and then double crochet into it. Double crochet is the only stitch you need. If my camera wasn't so useless for closeups I'd do a proper tutorial!
Keep at it. X