Saturday, 4 June 2011

Seed heads

What to do when it's sunny? Do you take advantage of the fine weather or do you sort out what needs to be done first and then enjoy it? Unusually for me - being the procrastinator that I am - I decided to get the mundane over with and then  relax. So I did the shopping and noticed that my blinking, 'IT'S TIME FOR A SERVICE' light came on in the car. I hate intelligent cars!

Shopping done, I stored it in the boot and thought, 'That tyre doesn't look right.' Down to the pips.

Service and new rear tyre!

Shopping packed away and the weather turning cloudy, I decided to go out into the garden. I took some pictures for my next project.

This is my lawn. Or this is the lawn you deserve if it's not cut! A crop full of plantain. The seed heads are great. When we were children we used to fold the long stems over and shot the seed heads at each other. Did they sting!

Up close they are beautiful.

It's also time to pick my allium seed heads.

Cut them and bring them in to dry out. The seeds can be collected and sown next year. If you don't want to do that you can just enjoy them as the are.

So now it's raining. They did say it would be changeable. I'm going to load these and then print them off on a grid. Let's see what they look like embroidered.