Tuesday, 2 August 2011


I'm not giving a countdown for this because it might take me for ever to get sorted. If today's shenanigans carry on it might never be done.

Is it National Mouse Extermination Day or Find a Frog Day? My little tinkers think it is. The cats make such a noise when they bring a dead thing home. You can't ignore it. You have to rush out to rescue whatever creature they've dropped at the door. Mice are usually dead. Birds can survive although shocked  Frogs? Well, they have more intelligence. They act dead. As soon as it's safe, first one eye opens, followed by the other. They flip over off their backs and away they go.

Destruction wasn't totally their domain today. Take a look at this,

My lovely twisted, weeping willow is no more. It was a gorgeous tree, delicate and airy, but for the last three summers it's really struggled to green up. This year all the growing tips have rotted away. I've taken cuttings from the healthy looking shoots so with a bit of luck I'll have something to replace it.

On the plus side the filters on my car will now be clear of leaves. I'll sleep when there's a storm because I won't be worrying if the tree will blown down. On the minus side I've just realised the neighbours across the way can now see right into the house!

Thanks to those of you who've given suggestions about my workroom. I'll forgo Steve's idea. His favourite colours of red and black don't lend themselves to my sort of creativity but thanks for the suggestion. Elizabeth gave me a pink and sparkly idea that I like and had considered. Kris got the feel of it with her suggestion of the Stones Beggars Banquet album cover. Good call. I'll have a look at the record stalls.

No. I haven't done something awful to the print. I found next season's colours on the Pantone site and I placed it on the step. Grey blue is not so bad but I tend to got for blues. I really would like a tone of bamboo. Still dithering.

Keep the suggestions coming, please!


MadScientistsDesigns said...

Sorry about your tree. Willows are so pretty. I'll have to give the workroom colors some thought.... Did you know that there are supposed to be color preferences based on your Astrological sign? I actually like the ones it said I would! Who knew? :-)

Anonymous said...

The Beggars Banquet idea is so cool!

Baban Cat said...

If Cancer is a water sign is that why I prefer blues? Interesting!

YONKS said...

Oh dear, sorry about the willow. My cat once brought home a chewed up baby pigeon. I had never seen a baby pigeon, boy are they ugly. Anyway, I nurtured it, taught it how to eat seed and basically became it's mum for about 6 weeks until it flew off. One of the most satisfying things I have ever done.
Your newest follower.

Baban Cat said...

Nice to meet you Dianne. All the better for being in my favourite place! I really envy your lifestyle but where do you keep your stock?

Oddball Art Co. said...

Good luck with your tree clippings I hope they regrow into beautiful huge trees so your neighbors cant see in! And I already know what you did with your studio and its wonderful!