Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Crocodile stitch

Don't ask me why I chose to do this on one of the hottest September days on record because 'I did' is the answer you'll get.

Ask me another - not on sport.

Ask me how crocodiles kill their prey.

Answer - they use leverage for killing. They bite down hard and twist off large chunks of meat. This is called, appropriately, the death roll. (Sorry vegetarians. I didn't mean to upset you.)

This is how I felt today. Like a poor wildebeest caught in the jaws of a crocodile. I brought it all on myself. Over at Etsy and Ravelry crochet crocodile stitch is everywhere. I exaggerate, of course, but it's a stitch that had me baffled. I don't want to make anything. The hats remind me of 1950s bathing caps with the fold over petals. I did quite fancy putting a few rows on the end of a plain scarf. Good for flipping over your shoulder.

Google came up with a few videos. With my trusty hook I sallied forth into the jaws of the crocodile! It ripped and twisted and got me all in a bother. My front was their back and my spikes were front and back. When I finally found instructions I could follow they kidnapped it and wanted money to release row 3 onwards.

Money? It's chains and trebles. It's not your stitch! It's not a pattern that's been designed by you!

I found the lovely Jenny at Yarn Muse who felt the same. Jenny has posted videos and written instructions for free. Yes, free! No money for tutorials passing hands.

Here's what it looks like in the hands of experts on Etsy

bkcraftstudio has a gorgeous apple green neckwarmer that shows you how the scales lie.

While Ebruk is thinking along the same lines as me. I love this for its simplicity and the colour

A special thanks to all of you who share your skills and expertise so freely. You know who you are!


Dotty said...

They are both so beautiful.

Marilyn said...

some "Flickr friends" and I found this last year and the whole place lit to speak!!...and two of us figured it out by just staring at it and then the lady who posted the picture came on and gave us a site to go to...but we had it all done already...the site is in Portugese but you can understand...which I we all did a small sample and put it to one side...I have noticed it popping up again...I'll have to find mine...great job btw and I also had the idea of it on the ends of a scarf...and no, I can not do the QAL...I have tried many many times...
sorry about the book here!!!

Oddball Art Co. said...

Your funny, but I totally sympathize and get where your coming from, good luck with your crocodile stitch, I think it looks pretty good so far, cant wait to see the finished piece!

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Beautiful work!...My longing to crochet shall continue until I somehow find the time to learn!
Wishing you have a lovely,crafty day,
Susan x