Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Oh, dear!

When we went to London Beth complained, but not very much, about her foot. In fact, she hardly mentioned it at all. She'd already been to her doctor who said it might be tendon trouble, a ligament strain ....

She went back to her GP because it was no better. They sent her for an x ray and this is what they did.

Beth's leg

Plaster cast by the NHS
Illustration by Philip Morgan

They put the plaster on because she's broken her foot. She'd been walking around with a metatarsal fracture.

She didn't do it in London. In fact she doesn't know how she did it. The funny thing is we took a wrong turning on the drive through Chelsea and had to reverse in a side turning by the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. We joked about the time when we spent several hours there after she had fallen down marble steps in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It's a very long story that I won't bore you with but from that experience I've stuck off Harrods as a shopping destination. They swiped my credit card before they would 'lend' me a wheelchair for her. The staff were as unhelpful as possible unlike the staff at the Cafe Rouge across the way who were great.

The following time she went up she was knocked off her feet by an Italian tourist on Tower Bridge. The staff took her in and gave her first aid. Now, not many people can say they've been inside Tower Bridge.

All this to visit an exhibition at the Design Museum.

Good well soon, Beth!

Really, you couldn't make it up!


The Dotty One said...

Eeek - sounds nasty. I've been on crutches this week for spraining both my ankles so I have no idea how she managed to walk on a broken foot. Beth sounds similarly accident prone to me - I'm always having these kinds of incidents!
I hope she feels better soon :o)

Shabbylishious said...

What a wonderful blog you have.
Your crochet work is very lovely. How did you find out I blogged your hearts?
I guessed nobody minded some commercial so I didnt ask. :)
Grettings from Norway.


Oddball Art Co. said...

I hope she feels better soon, I like the giraffe :)

Anonymous said...

Surely there's an easier way to get a picture of a giraffe than breaking a foot!

And totally agree with you about Harrods, for somewhere that's meant to be a first class shopping experience the attitude towards customers is pretty rubbish

Baban Cat said...

Allegedly, Steve! Don't want to be sued.
We were to meet friend in Harrods tapas bar that day. We were queue jumped by a Hooray Henry even though Beth was in a wheelchair.
I had a diva strop and told them I'd never go there again!
They're sorry now!!!
(I've never bought anything there and now I never will)

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Poor thing! She really didn't complain about pain? I agree with Steve: there MUST be an easier way to get a picture! Hah! Hope she mends soon!

PS: Nice giraffe!