Thursday, 15 September 2011

What's on my table?

You remember July? When I did the take one a day challenge?

I made the crochet frames. The blue one at the top was made from the Lola Nova tutorial that has since been published in Mollie Makes. They are popping up everywhere on Flickr now!

This week I've finished two new frames for my shop using an Edie Eckman border from Around the Corner.

The blue is made from an upcycled wooden curtain hoop.

This one is my favourite. I've used a lovely Monsoon metal bangle and pure wool. The photo is printed from Google images.

When I was clearing up I noticed that they fit well together. This is something I've got to work on.


Mojca said...

Crochet frame with the deer is just it!

MadScientistsDesigns said...

Ooooh! I like them together!!

Marilyn said...

those would be so sweet with photos on them, hanging on the christmas tree.. or a branch...a different one for each person...but I have a feeling that's already been thought of!!! :)

Ajax said...

These are seriously too cute! I hadn't heard of this, thanks for sharing! Everything looks pretty in turquoise.

Oddball Art Co. said...

There really pretty, Great work! Would love to see it in pink!

Baban Cat said...

Now why did I think you'd say that? Actually I'm in the process of making one. Great minds as they say!
Thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm glad you like them.

d e b b i e said...

These are so very lovely!
I'd love to make one!