Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pantone colours


Phlox is another of Pantone's fall through to winter colours. It's described as,

a magical, deep purple with a hint of mystery, is an outstanding statement when worn on its own. Add Phlox to this season's neutrals to create a bit of drama, or combine it with Cedar, Deep Teal or Coffee Liqueúr for something extraordinary. To add even more excitement, pair Phlox with Honeysuckle or Bamboo against a Cedar background – a combination inspired by Mother Nature.

I've got to be honest and say that purple is not one of my favourite colours. I don't wear it but the right shade on the right person can look stunning. Is it odd that I quite like working with it? Looking at some of my work I can see that I've used it quite often.  This is because it's the darkest colour in the organic cotton yarn that I use. I think I might be more adventurous and use some of the colour combinations that Pantone has suggested.

Today's treasury includes members of the Etsian Artists team and shops new to Etsy. While some of the items are not strictly phlox I've chosen them because I like them.



True Self Studio said...

I love how put together your blog is! Beautiful and informative.

Baban Cat said...

Thank you so much.

cathouseprints said...

Who knew phlox was purple? I just love these posts and just love Pantone's names and descriptions of colors! Beautiful T also. You do a gift for putting them together beautifully.

Oddball Art Co. said...

Absolutely stunning! I love this color!