Thursday, 29 September 2011

In disgrace!

Yes! Disgraceful behaviour from a cat who's on borrowed time. The cattery is just up the road and yesterday she was very lucky not to shipped back there - again! She's scrawny with a huge overbite, well, fangs. It's not as if she's pretty and cute. I could forgive her then, maybe.

Mr BC works from home sometimes. Yesterday he had a very important meeting with a man who drove a very flash car. I didn't see the very flash man because I was tackling a crocodile but I could hear him talking. Projections, investments, returns, profitability, blah, blah, blah for about an hour.

They met around the kitchen table, all the better for spreadsheets. Until Dizzy walked in through the patio doors. They were so busy they didn't see her. They did see the mouse that she flicked up onto the table and that landed, slap bang, in the middle of the spreadsheet.

The flash man has a very girly scream. It's followed with a very manly laugh.

Mr BC picked the mouse up and removed it to the place we use to dispose of the dead mice - the garden, its own special little grave. Calmly, so as not to frightened the flash man. Apologising and saying that she doesn't normally do this sort of thing.

No! Dizzy has never brought in a mouse before and will never manage to flip one with such skill again. Anyone want a very used black cat? She's only had three previous owners and two loooong stays in the rescue centre.


dawn said...

Awwww, she was just trying to impress flash man!! I loved that he had a girly scream, and a manly laugh, that really made me chuckle :)

Milly and Me said...

Ha, ha, ha!
Cats have such a sense of humour!!!
Reminds me of when we had a friend camp out on our sofa for the night, only to have a mouse flung onto his chest. Funny... he had a girly scream too & woke the whole house!!
And a great way to dispose of mice is to fling them up the garden with an old lacrosse stick (good leverage!) the cats love that you are joining in their game ;)
Jo x

Christine said...

They say they only bring in things when they love somebody. Maybe she just thought she was being helpful. I am sure she will try and redeem herself somehow. By the way I hope she did not ruin the business talk with the flashy man.

Oddball Art Co. said...


WhingingNinja said...

aww I'd adopt her but I doubt she'd like the flight to Australia. Its a long way to go! so she'd best behave herself maybe she thought flash man needed feeding.

MadScientistsDesigns said...

That is totally hysterical! hahahahahahahaha