Saturday, 1 October 2011

Pantone colours

Last week's colour, quarry, was one of my favourites but as Kris of Cat House Prints said, 'Pantone must have been in a hurry the day they wrote the color description!'

Well, this week we have an even shorter description,

A deliciously warm camel tan, Nougat, is tastefully embellished by Phlox, Emberglow or Honeysuckle.

Pantone probably doesn't have to enthuse about these colours because they are staples. The more unusual the colour the more it has to be promoted.

I've been knitting furiously in the glorious, warm weather. Nearly finished are a thick cable scarf and matching headband. Just what you need, not today but in the months to come. Excuse the shadows. It's the blazing sunshine!

It's often very difficult to get exact matches when doing treasuries but this is my take on nougat. Enjoy all the lovely warm caramel on Etsy.

I hope the sun continues to shine for you. Have a great weekend!

Did I mention the sun is shining?


MadScientistsDesigns said...

Pretty!! You always make such pretty treasuries!

knottyandnyce said...

Beautiful collection!

Oddball Art Co. said...

Love the color, so soft and elegant! Well done on the Treasury, gorgeous!!!!

cathouseprints said...

You just might be right that a staple needs no embellished description! Nougat is a lovely color and a popular candy I think (don't really eat that as it probably isn't vegan)!

The treasury, the finds, the color, the way you put it together is fab and stunning! How this missed the "coveted" front page is truly beyond me. Thanks for the shout out!! I've been out of touch this past week and need to get back in the groove.