Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Psst! Oi, you!

Do you like my shiny winter coat? Nice isn't it? It's the best I've ever had!

You don't know me but my name is Dizzy. It's a stupid name I know but it's better than the last one, Sunny. Now, come on, do I look like a Sunny? I don't remember the one before that or the one before that. I do remember the one before that but I'm not allow to use bad words.

That Cat, the one that's always blathering on, well, we played a good game the other day. She didn't enjoy it much but I thought it was fun. Shall I tell you how to play it?

You need a very tall tree and a very stupid human. Tall trees are hard to find. If you haven't got one use a roof or a post or something high as the sky. You can find a stupid person anywhere. Maybe you even own one.

First thing. Spy on them. They're used to it. They won't notice.

Next climb the tree.

Higher than that!

 Can you still see me? Yes? Not high enough.

Higher! They can still see you!

 Nearly there!

Gone!! Now when they pass the tree in their muddling thoughts you do this. Drop and land on them! You won't hurt. They are stupid and soft.

If you can go RRRAWRRRRR! They'll think that you are a lion or a panther or something and they'll really squeal. Just like a big mouse!

I've got other good games. Have you?


Oddball Art Co. said...

LMAO what a great little story, love it! Your cat seems great, seems like quite the trouble maker just like one of mine, I have 3 but only the little one is the trouble maker, she had worms for the first year of her life which stunted her growth so all though she is full grown she looks like a little kitten, pretty cute till you get to know her and realize she is a little terror! The other 2 just sleep and puke a lot!! lol
I really enjoyed your story with pics I can't wait for the next one!

Fiona said...

Ha the first picture is so adorable! I love it!!
x x x

Mog's Togs said...

hehe brilliant! Mia and Lila's favourite game is waiting for each other behind a door or sofa and then leaping on the other unsuspecting cat when they come into the room... it always ends in a wrestle. my Lila looks a bit like Dizzy :-)

MadScientistsDesigns said...


That is hilarious!! (Well, not for you...) Hi Dizzy! :-)

The Color Electric said...

Dizzy is adorable! My Indy looks almost identical to your cat. I love your blog!