Monday, 3 October 2011

Hello, October

I knew if I waited long enough September wouldn't disappoint. Three days of blazing sunshine more than made up for hurricane Katya. October has started off at its most brilliant if not a little bizarre. Crochet in the garden with the leaves falling around me, primroses flowering and sycamore helicopters whirling around. It's almost a scene from a good, old fashioned Disney film. The seasons have mixed and blurred and that's a good thing.

A ladybird is the only thing that ruins my day. It lands and is blown away home. It comes back and is blown away home. It became irritating. I had a break and reached for my camera. I stalked it until it landed and then snap!

Can you see it tucked up in the rose? Mmm, I don't think it's a 'normal' ladybird I think it might be a harlequin ladybird. These are native to Asia, and were introduced to North America and continental Europe as a biological control agent because it eats more pest insects than any other ladybirds. Sadly, harlequins will also eat the larvae of other ladybirds and the eggs and larva of butterflies and moths. We have 45 species of native ladybird in Britain and they play a key role in our ecosystem, but the harlequin has the potential to ruin this.

I didn't realise what it was until I downloaded the photos last night. I've sent the photo to the survey website. Perhaps it's an innocent native and not a nasty foreign invader.

On the work front I've joined the Folksy daily listing club, October Owls. I won't be posting everyday as I did in July but I'll give you a taste of my listings.

Those of you who remember Bill the burglar will be pleased to know that he's still living in London with Edward. I've listed two of Bill's friends, Maudie and  Reginald. They're cwtched up in their favourite blankets.

They're also available on Etsy here and here.

Have a good week!


bluedaisyglass said...

I had no idea about these ladybirds. Very informative post.

Oddball Art Co. said...

wow so you learn something new everyday, in Canada we call them Ladybugs!

I love Bills pink friend, well I am partial to pink! lol They are both extra cute though and they both get my heart.