Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Art in Wales

Kevin Sinnott is an artist whose work can be found in several leading galleries in London and major galleries in America and Europe. His work is featured at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. One of the most popular paintings at the National Museum of Wales is his large canvas, Running Away with the Hairdresser.

I might not be lucky enough (or rich enough) to have an original but I do own a signed print of this particular painting.

Kevin trained in Cardiff and at the Royal College of Art. He spent many years in London before moving back to Wales. His new paintings can be seen at the  Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff. This collection has brought back so many memories. The paintings capture a moment in time, a fleeting look at life against the backdrop of the crumbling coastline near my home. The figures in the paintings appear carefree but they are too close to the cliff edge. For me the paintings represent that fine edge between life and death.

I know these cliffs so well. I fear that drop where many lives have been lost. I can hear my voice now as I've shouted to my children, 'Stay way from the edge!'

Your allegories might be completely different.

The last painitng I love. The young mum with two children, the crochet skirt from this year's collection. Kevin Sinnott does high fashion.



cathouseprints said...

His paintings are quite interesting and very cool. They look like people are living on the edge. I am particularly taken with Running away with the Hairdresser, though, as it makes me think of a terrible story that happened here in one of our suburbs today. An estranged husband of a hair salon employee, went into the salon and opened fire, killing at least nine people in the salon this afternoon. I am not sure, but believe one of the dead is his estranged wife. Apparently she had a restraining order against him and he had threatened to do this, but she didn't take it seriously. Very sad.

cathouseprints said...

Just want to update my previous comment. The estranged wife was one of the victims and she had told the court that he had threatened to kill himself and hurt others.

Baban Cat said...

Something similar happened near me. The husband went into a hairdressers where his wife worked and shot three people, injuring them. He later turned the gun on himself and died.
The saddest thing about it was that their 16 year son was found hanged shortly afterwards.

It appears to be a happy painting but for both of us it's brought up tragedy.

Michelle said...

Well I like the pictures, very abstract.

Just going to make sure my Hairdresser hasnt fallen out with her other half next time I go for a hair cut:(
michelle x