Friday, 1 July 2011

Take one a day

Pinch, punch, first of the month! It's July and for me that means that start of another year. All presents, cards, bottles of wine and bubbles gratefully received by 7/7 please!!!

I spent most of June waiting for summer to arrive but it's been so cold and wet that I've been in a state of hibernation. Now that I'm, almost, officially older I realise I haven't got time to spare waiting. It's time to get my act together and my **** in gear.

Today marks the beginning of a new me. Productive, decisive, a mean, no nonsense go getter. This month I WILL finish a project a day, I WILL list an item a day and I WILL spread the love.

I plan to keep detailed records of everything I make, finish what's been started and, well you get the message.

Day 1
Finished a blanket that I started way back when the sun was shining. I know this because I took photographs of my progress and posted them on Flickr. It's been on hold for a while because I wanted to lightly stuff it. The wadding that I bought was awful, a really fire risk. I did a flame test on it and nearly burnt the kitchen down. No way was I going to use that. But those nice people (I've told you about them before) at Organic Cotton Biz sent me fantastic organic wadding.

So here it is

It's not the best photograph but I didn't promise myself I WILL for that! It's all organic apart from the polycotton candy stripe cover. It still needs to be pressed and properly photographed before I can list it.

Today's listing as part of Folksy's July Jewels.

My lacy, grey, organic cotton cushion cover

It's already listed on Etsy but it's now on both sites. A definite one of a kind.

Today's love goes to Folksy's Audrey's Cat's vintage mouse. I'm really worried that he's going to have an upset tummy eating those gooseberries.

I hope you've enjoyed today's work. I'm going to have a lie down now. If you can think of projects to keep me busy please let me know.


JAustenJewelleryDesign said...

Your items are stunning! I love the little mouse too - so cute.

Jacqueline x

Creating Trouble said...

I've only just discovered your blog and your items are gorgeous - love the lacy effect of the cushion and the blanket has such a happy feel to it.
Good luck with the project a day! I'm trying to get at least a project a week... but I'm working on bigger things at the moment so it's drips and drabs for me! Really hope it goes well for you. Now following to see your progress! :-)

Baban Cat said...

Oh dear. I can feel the pressure mounting!!
I need targets. I find since I finished work that I still need that big stick otherwise I'll get nothing done.

Audrey's Cat - By Dawn said...

Thanks very much for letting my naughty mouse into your blog!