Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Take one a day

Yesterday Steve off of ArtySandp asked me if I was counting. The answer is, 'Yes!!!!' He's set himself a challenge too. Check it out here

I sat in the garden at lunchtime putting the embroidery on today's project - a red gingham hanger cover.

For some reason I felt really tense. I was worried about making a knot to start, concerned about my stitching and finishing off. Why?

The wind was whipping about the fabric and the thread so I decided to use an embroidery hoop, something I don't normally do. I felt more relaxed about the whole thing, enough to let my mind wonder. The last time I'd attempted to stitch on gingham had been in Primary school. It was in the days when girls had needlework and boys had, whatever manly thing they decided to do. Supposedly it was woodwork but they often had rugby training.

Our needlework teacher was harsh. Stitches had to be even. Under NO circumstance should you knot your thread. The back had to be as neat as the front. You had to rip out anything that was not up to her exacting standards. We made table mats, coasters, table runners, aprons and initialed hats for cookery.

Little wonder that I tensed up today but you know what? At least I now have a very critical eye. My work might not be perfect but I darn well know what's wrong with it!

I enjoyed it once I'd put the ghosts of the past to rest. I made another.

 Does that count as two days? Am I counting?

Today's listing on Folksy is a pink pincushion

It's similar to the one I did the other day that said 'Pin here.' I might do one that says 'Hurt me!'

Today's July Jewel is getting increasingly difficult. I'd like to show my favourite item first. It's by With Hugs and Kisses. It would be perfect in a child's room but hey, I can see it in my kitchen!

It makes me smile.

I'd also like to send real hugs and kisses to two from Folksy who are not having good times at the moment;
Lilac Elephant

and O'Blue Trashion

Lot of love!!!


Anonymous said...

Good to see that the challenge's still going well!

And thanks for the name check, it'll help to keep the pressure on me!

Anonymous said...

thanks for your lovely message and for featuring my recycled skateboard heart keyring in your blog :)

Oddball Art Co. said...

lovely hanger covers! I know exactly what you mean about teachers and critical eye and stitch ripping. I took fashion design in college and I had a sewing teacher just the same, I can't even count the number of hours I spent ripping out stitches that weren't "perfect" lol I appreciate it now, I sew much better for it and I now myself have a critical eye. Your July Jewels are lovely too, I love that heart!!!!!
Keep up the great work on your challenge!!!!