Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 26

I've been all fingers and thumbs today, literally. Last winter Rolla had a cute pair of mittens with a fold over flap. They came from a high street shop that prides itself on quality. I was soon asked to stitch the thumb because it had started to unravel. They were a very simple design so last night I searched for a pattern to make a pair.

I'd been wanting to use my circular needles to knit in the round. Do you think I could find a pattern I wanted? Who knew that the world of gloves was so complicated? There are fingerless gloves, thumbless, wrist warmers, arm warmers, convertible, fingerless mittens, flip tops and new to me glittens - cross between gloves and mittens.

I wasted hours searching last night and then came across just the thing I wanted -  mittens with a flap. They're by Pretty Knitty Designs and you'll find them on Ravelry. Even more hours were wasted today struggling with four needles because I couldn't get the hang of the circular one. Eventually I found a great video - Knitting tips by Judy

I used a pretty boring inexpensive acrylic because I didn't want to waste good wool. The pattern worked out well but I've only had time to make one.

They look a little bit like oven gloves because they're way too big. This is my hand! My hands are not big.

It's OK for a first attempt but I can't see me adding them to my repertoire. My hat goes off to all you glove makers out there!

Listed today on Folksy is a brown gingham hanger cover with a blue cross stitch heart. I have a stack of wire coat hangers from  dry cleaners. These disguise the hangers and make them a far nicer addition to the wardrobe.

My Folksy July Jewel today is Sophie's Stuff. This set of pretty buttons is just right for adding a touch of vintage. They're really sweet.  



Loving the hanger (and I can leave comments now!!)
Those gloves look perfect for winter craft stall selling! Kx

Oddball Art Co. said...

I think you should stick to the glove making, I think that glove looks great!!! Really, I would totally order a pair in pink for winter! And everything gets easier with practice before you know it you will be an old pro at it, if you stick to it.