Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 6

When Rolla saw my Flickr photos of the little mice at number 17 she said they looked like Fingermouse. Aaah, they don't make programmes like that any more. This video brought back some happy memories. Turn the volume up and enjoy!!

The sun is shining right now so I've just rushed to take this shot.

The wet weather has meant a bumper crop of rowan berries. This branch is almost touching the ground. It's also attracting blackbirds from miles around. By autumn there won't be any left if they keep eating them at that rate. It certainly looks like autumn now.

I'm continuing the trip down memory lane by having a moan. Pins and needles!! No, I'm not in pain but suffering none the less. Pins disappear in my house and so do needles. I've recently bought a new pot of pins and also a packet of assorted needles. I can't remember where I bought them because I'd picked up both on separate grocery shopping trips in different supermarkets. If I could remember and still had the receipts I'd be taking them right back to whatever shop they came from.

Pins - I like the ones with colourful glass heads. If they drop on the floor they can easily be found. I like one end to be round and perfectly formed while the other should be sharp so that you can stick it into things. There has to be a fundamental design fault if it doesn't. Blunt pins with misshapen heads I do not want!!

Needles - assorted. What is the definition of assorted? Consisting of a number of different kinds, many, various. 

All the needles in my 'assorted' pack have tiny eyes, are all as thick as pokers, are all as blunt as the aforementioned pins. Their length is the only variation. So when it comes to using three strands of embroidery floss I can't get it through the tiny, little eye of my needle.

Today I have made a pincushion solely to test my pins. Any pin that I can't stick in it is being thrown.

Also today I've listed the pretty, pink, candy striped bag. It's here on Folksy and Etsy The crochet applique is organic cotton.

From Follky's July Jewels I've chosen Colour Me Fun's alphabet crayon set

 Now these really are fun!


busybeecards/craftybitz said...

I do sympathise with you. I have some pins from where they came I do not Know but they are as blunt as a rolling pin but I don't do as much sewing as I used to so they are sitting quietly at the bottom of my work basket at the moment.
Jan X

Creating Trouble said...

Don't think I'd ever seen Fingermouse before - but I remember that version of Children's BBC so... must have missed it! I totally understand where you're coming from with the assorted needles: I hate how they seem to have only one eye-size. As you said: embroidery with silks gets a little impossible! Good luck with them...!

bluedaisyglass said...

I can't believe I used to look forward to that programme!

Oddball Art Co. said...

thank you for introducing me to fingermouse I love it!!!

I have found a use for all the blunt end pins and needles, I use them for toothpicks lol no lie