Friday, 8 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 8
(that's over a week)

The sun came out this afternoon. Yeah!! We decided to pay a visit to the only decent wool shop in the area. I didn't actually buy any wool because the organic cotton was right next to three caged parrots. No, this is not a joke. They have three cages in the wool shop with a parrot in each one. I feel like breaking into a Monty Python sketch but I won't. These parrots were very much alive. Noisy and throwing sunflower seed cases around.

I did buy needles. I have tested them and they have earned the right to stay in my sewing box. They're sharp, they have big eyes and I love them.

We parked the car by the beach and walked across the promenade. We tried to walk but the wind was so strong. This is what the sea in Porthcawl liked like.

This is July and the best day we've had so far. Just after I took this shot I had to run up the beach to escape from the next huge wave.

Still in birthday mood we headed for Mumbles. There's a great place there called Verdi's. They sell the best ice cream.  I think I was heavily influenced by a thread on Etsy today between CTMercandile and Teabreaks of Gweddus Art . Yes, there actually is a place called Mumbles. Catherine Zeta Jones has a house there. It's got a yacht club and here's the proof

And this is my toffee crisp sundae and Beth's cookie crunch sundae,

 All of this meant that I hadn't actually made anything. I had listed before we left.

It's the scarf I finished yesterday. You'll find it on Folksy and Etsy

My quickly rushed project tonight is a fat fairy. Fitting, I think after all that ice cream.

OK. I know she's not finished. I know she's having a bad hair day. I know Beth's been laughing at her but she has feelings too!! She's a prototype and as such she leads the way for the more polished, glamorous fat fairies to follow.

Over at Folksy it's getting harder by the day to pick a favourite but this pendant from Blue Daisy Glass
is so unusual. It's incredible that you can do this with glass. I have a friend who loves statement pieces and this really does make a statement.


Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

Lovely pictures from your day out. Love your scarf too - very citrus looking green colour. I too love Blue Daisy Glass' pendant.

bluedaisyglass said...

Thanks for including my pendant. My that sea is rough. I'd spotted your scarf earlier with my new found interest in all things wool.

Oddball Art Co. said...

I think your fat fairy is too cute! Love it!