Monday, 11 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 11

I've tried really hard today to get my little, knitted doll finished but I've had one of those days. Why we haven't got caller ID, I don't know. It started off with the now all too common, "I'm phoning you because you have a fault with your computer." My answer of "Tell me the name of your company," was shouted down by the person on the other end.

Next to follow, "Are you aware of the council's scheme for providing solar panels?"

The agency phoned asking about my availability this week. I thought that one was quite funny as they haven't found me any work in the last six weeks. I told them I was available every day. They won't phone again!

I answered a knock at the door and the double glazing salesman actually backed away. He must have heard me growling!

So my poor day project is almost finished but I had to take photos before it rained again and we lost the sun completely today. It's almost there. I have to sew on a few bows and give the little lamb a decent face and Bill can have another friend.

Excuse the ends and the murky, grainy photo. I promise that tomorrow I'll post a better one.

Today's listing is a mellow, yellow pincushion. It's a differnt colourway to the pink one I finished yesterday. You'll find it on Folksy

You may have noticed that my vintage tablecloth has been used today. It's been well loved in a previous home. I found it at my local charity shop. I was going to cut it into sections and use them for cushion covers but I can't bring myself to take a pair of scissors to it. For now I can put up with the small sections of wear and tear.

My Folksy July Jewel today is from Lynwood Crafts

This hand felted brooch is only 6 cm high but an incredible amount of work has gone into it. I love the tiny daisies, buttercups and yarrow. It lives up to its flower meadow name. Simply beautiful.

I going to finish sewing on arms now. I'll have to think of a name for her. Any suggestions? Be polite!


Sue, Lynwoodcrafts said...

Your little doll is lovely - her outfit is a beautiful colour! I'm rubbish at names I'm afraid-I'll ask my daughter when she gets in. Thank you for showing my brooch!


Baban Cat said...

Thank you. The pleasure's mine. Your work is so fine. I think I'd need a magnifying glass to do it!

Anonymous said...

I'm counting :)

You as well? I had someone trying to foist solar panels onto me today.

cathouseprints said...

For some reason, I don't have caller ID either, but it doesn't matter since the phone isn't working and I need to contact the phone company.

Love the doll! Such an adorable face.

Baban Cat said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. She will be prettier by the end of the day!
Yes, Steve, I am counting down! Not even halfway through yet.

katt said...

What an adorable doll! Your shop is lovely!

katt said...

Lovely blog! Love the doll!

The Naked Hippie said...

the doll is adorable, Im sure Bill will love it!!!!