Monday, 25 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 25

Great news!!! Philip Morgan's T shirt design has been chosen for Spillers Records.

This is the first one hot off the press. They'll be available for sale soon.

For those of you who don't know Spillers, Phil's smoking pipe says it all. Established in Cardiff in 1894 Spillers Records is officially the oldest record shop in the World, ever, anywhere. It's the place to go for new bands, old bands, anything different bands. Remember vinyl? Well, they still sell it and a lot more.

Congratulation Phil.

Back to the mundane. Today I tried out a new crochet motif that I'd been wanting to do for a long time. It's called Queen Anne's lace and it looks like this. I've used the tutorial This Domestic Life but have changed the start a bit to include a loop.

It's fun to do and I love this colour. I stopped when it was nearly 6' long. It's listed on Folksy and Etsy.
It a great casual scarf but, as you can see from the last picture, you can wrap it round to make it more glam.

As we're on the subject of glam we've got a touch of that with our Folksy July Jewels. The first is a rich teal glass rondelle from Gimme That Thing. It's simply gorgeous.

To set off your special outfit how about this turquoise fascinator finished with turquoise veiling? I love the velvet and organza orchid. It's part of the Imogen's Imagination Signature Collection.

 I think I've almost given you a complete wedding outfit. You'll have to find your own dress to match but hey, we've given you a good start!

Have a great week!


Amanda Robins said...

Ooh, that colour does something to me! I'm loving your crochet. Wish I could do that. I must try and learn how very soon. Thanks so much for including my teal ring, Cat.

Chicita x

bluedaisyglass said...

I love the colour theme here. The 'lace' crochet scarf looks great. Amanda I'm learning to crochet from a very nice man on YOUTUBE. So easy to follow as the camera is behind him.

Anonymous said...

I remember vinyl, when I have the money I collect 7” singles, maybe next time I cross the border I’ll visit Spillers! Looks like you’re still going strong – v.impressed!

Oddball Art Co. said...

Ok records, I LOVE them and I have about 500 maybe even more and I am not exaggerating, I love to listen to them while I paint!!!!

The scarf is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, next to pink that is my second fav color also!!!!

The ring is fabulous too, such great finds today and makes me wish I wasnt such a starving artist!!! oh to have money, wouldn't it be nice!!!!!

Squintessential said...

Oooh your crochet looks amazing! And I'm loving chicata's ring :)


imogens.imagination said...

thank you so much for picking my fascinator :o)

i love the selection you have made and adore your crochet...i just wish my skills were as impressive as yours! :o(

thank you again,


cathouseprints said...

I love the Queen Anne lace! Very pretty.

As for Spillers, that's great that managed to stay around for so long in this day of shops closing! Yeah. I also love vinyl and lost a vast collection due to water damage. I used to live in a smaller place so I stored the vinyl in the garage as I didn't have a turntable. The garage was not made well and was old and the poor albums were damaged from water leaking in! I was so horrified.