Sunday, 3 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 3

Hot, hot, hot but I'm not complaining. I need to feel the heat warming up my bones.

There have been complaints today - from Posie. She's one of my two cats. They've been with us for about 18 months now. Tigerlily, our previous cat died at the grand old age of 16. I said no more but then paid a visit to Cats Protection and you can guess the rest.

Posie and Dizzy Rascal, their new names, had been there for 6 months. It was their second stay at the cattery. I'm their third owner. They'd have a fourth but I will not be beaten.

They are destructive, naughty stop outs. Extremely precious considering their background. Posie, in particular, has special requirements weatherwise. No snow, no rain, no wind and an optimum temperature somewhere between 55 and 65.

Today has reached 70+ and this is Posie

She's in the rotten old container I use for weeds with a leave me alone look on her face.

I have been sewing again today. A little house that means a lot because somebody I know lives in a house like this.

Hopefully, it's the first of many. Next time I'll improve the proportions and embellish more.

Also listed today on Folksy - a mauve, organic cotton, baby blanket. Yes, I know it's not the weather for blankets but it's listed until December so there is some sort of logic there. It's also described as being made in a pet free environment. My cats are allowed in only two rooms, the kitchen and utility far from my workroom and any cross contamination!

My pick from July Jewels is a Kindle case/cover from BaggieAggieToo.

Rosie's pieces always look so well made and I love her choice of fabrics.

I'm also spreading the love today to somebody who has stuck to her roots and has relaunched her skills with a new shop Lolly Rotten. It's a creepy perfumery for strange, scary girls. Jody's words not mine! I love the new look and check out some of the names. Good luck with Lolly Rotten. I can only imagine the work that went into its development.

Carpe Noctem

Bite Me


busybeecards/craftybitz said...

Great to find someone else that adopts pets my cat was from the cats protection and then my dog is from the RSPCA.
Love, your house its cute and great choices from other sellers.
Jan X

cathouseprints said...

Love the house! That is awesome. I also love that you rescued the cats!

Your creating art daily is inspiring me, yet, I'm a bit hesitant to commit to it just yet. Instead I'm currently working on mulitple projects as sort of a "catch up".

Anonymous said...

I'd love to take in cats but Mrs P is allergic, about 5 hours in a house that has a cat or dog and she starts to have trouble breathing - perfect for a murder mystery but a pain in real life!

BaggieAggie said...

Another cat lover! I lost my best babies, a brother and sister, almost 4 years ago - and within 3 weeks of one another. They were 17 and a bit. The loss was unbearable and I said I'd never have cats again. But OH's aunt passed away about a year later, leaving an orphaned silver mog named Ruffles to her favourite nephew. Or so he said...! Whatever, I'm so glad we have her; a home really isn't a home without a cat. :)

Thanks so much for featuring my Kindle case on your wonderful blog. I'm really chuffed that you've chosen it from so many gorgeous July Jewels. :)

Rosie. x

Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Cats do like to find the strangest places to spend their time don't they?....Love your little house...I could just spend a week there!...and your baby blanket is the colour...
Hope you have a lovely week,
Susan x

Arcady said...

your cat is adorable, LOOK at her little grumpy face! thanks for the shoutout too, you're a superstar :)

Oddball Art Co. said...

I love that you adopted those cats, the one there is adorable, I just love cats I have 3 myself and would have more if I wasn't at risk of becoming the crazy artist with all the cats, for now I will just stay the crazy artist with a couple cats! lol Great creations and great picks!

Baban Cat said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments. They should hand out cats to people who are high maintenance. See how they like spending time with creatures who are even more demanding!!
It's late. No sign of Dizzy. She hasn't signed the contract Cats Protection hands out. No milk, own bed and kept in at night!! Who needs to follow rules?