Thursday, 7 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 7

Penblwydd hapus i fi
Penblwydd hapus i fi
Penblwydd hapus annwyl fi a sewmuchfrippery
Penblwydd hapus i fi!!

And this is where I should be blowing out candles on my birthday cake. Instead Beth the baker and I have been glued to the BBC news channel. We moved away just to buy some nibbles and bottles and the News of the World is no more!!!

I'd like to take full responsibility for this because I spent the better part of this morning filling in petitions. The world is hard enough sometimes without having to endure the intrusion of the press.

I've just jumped down from my soapbox!!

Back to the point....

I've cheated a little today. Well, it is my birthday and I can. I had already sewn some of these lovely green hexagons together and today I've finished by making a scarf. I've used my favourite organic cotton for this.

For a brief moment today the sun came out and having a model at hand I've taken some nice shots.

Today on Folksy I've listed my crochet nesting bowls. They're also on Etsy. They've been made with two strands of blue and green yarn to give a marled effect.

Today's Folksy July Jewel shout out goes to the Dottery Pottery for this dear little, ceramic tile. It's so pretty it should be on Cute Overload.

More love goes to that other birthday girl Sew Much Frippery. Now that I've got birthday money burning a hole in my pocket I've got to treat myself to some of the lovely vintage patterns in her Etsy shop.

Can't stay  - off to catch up with the latest news and open some bottles!!


Lorna May said...

yey sunday is the last ever News of the World!!!
Sad loss NOT!!

Oh and happy birthday :o))
your work is gorgeous and the July Jewels pick is lovely.
{Dab and a dash.}

cathouseprints said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the scarf. It is amazing!

News of the World - boo! I find it so sad that their invasive techniques have now destroyed an old historic publication.Hmm.

Nice finds, too! Sounds like you had a fun filled and full day!

Creating Trouble said...

Love the green hexagon crochet scarf - really unusual and striking :D

Baban Cat said...

Thank you one and all.