Friday, 15 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 15

This does count as halfway though, right?

Today I'm trying something different. I need to make some sense of the scrawls I made yesterday trying to get the plain hexagon finished. I'll write out the pattern here. It will take me longer than most of the projects I've done.

This picture shows a new colour added in every row . I'm starting off with it because the batteries in my camera have died halfway through my tutorial and by the time they've recharged it will be raining - again! I'll start writing the pattern and then insert the photos later.

OK we've established that my camera is rubbish. I've added the photos and chosen the best - you should have seen the others!

Simple hexagon pattern

This is written in English but I'll give you the equivalent American terms. Garn Studio is a great site for stitch instructions

chain, ch
slip stitch, sl st
treble, tr (US dc)
half treble, htr (US hdc)

I've used double knit organic cotton and a 4mm hook

Chain 6, sl st to first stitch to form a ring

1st row. Ch 3, tr 17, sl st to top of ch 3 to close up the row - 18 stitches

2nd row. Ch3 , 3 tr in next 3 stitches, 2ch tr1 in the same stitch as last tr, (3tr in next 3 stitches, 2ch, 1tr in the same stitch as last tr 4 times) tr2, tr1 in same space as ch3 start, htr join in top of the chain 3 to close row. (4 stitches in each hexagon side)

3rd row. Ch3, tr in same stitch (see notes at bottom) tr 3, tr1 ch2 tr1 in two ch space, (tr4, tr1 2ch tr1 in space 4 times) tr 4, tr1 in space, htr join to top of 3 ch start (6 stitches in each hexagon side)

4th row. Ch3, tr in same stitch, tr 5, tr1, ch2, tr1 in space, (tr6, tr1 ch2 tr1 in space 4 times) tr6, tr1 in space, join with htr (8 stitches in each hexagon side)

This is where I finished because it matches the 8 stitch sides of the African flower but you can make it bigger by just making sure that you increase two stitches in each corner of every side.


Sometimes it’s difficult to see where you need to put your hook. You’re putting it into the htr. If your tension is tight you might get a better look if you make the first tr of your new row in the space.

I like to join with a htr because it brings you up in the right space to start your next row. You can join with 2 ch and a sl st

I gave up with the photos. It was sun in, sun out and then it rained so I apologise for the quality.
So that's today's project. If you have any problems or have sorted out any glitches in the pattern please let me know.

Today's listing is another pincushion. It's on Etsy and Folksy

To complete the vintage feel today my Folksy July Jewel is Vintage Dreams, In her shop today is a vintage handbag pendant and a vintage style compass pendant

They're both gorgeous and I'm finding it really difficult to decide which is my favourite.

Have a great weekend!


Mojca said...

Great tutorial. Thanks :)

cathouseprints said...

Love the tutorial, but fear I couldn't ever do it that well! When I've tried crocheting (which I love doing) it is never even (if that is the right word). The loops are all different sizes lol.

Oddball Art Co. said...

thank you for sharing