Thursday, 21 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 21

I don't have a master plan and that's probably why today was nearly unproductive. I was so taken with the little tissue case I made yesterday that I thought I'd try something I bit more ambitious. I'd planned to make a clutch bag but stupid things held me up this morning. When I finally sat down to make something I realised I had no decent material left. My sewing machine took an instant dislike to the curtain material I'd chosen. I could have sworn it said, 'No top stitching today, thank you!'

I don't want to crochet because my hands are in a mess after doing battle with an ant nest a flower pot I wanted to empty. It is now filled with lavender and the rose bush Rolla gave me for my birthday.

Part of the project was to use up what I've got and not buy more wool or fabric. I've still got lots of red and white felt and heaps of embroidery thread. So this is what I eventually ended up doing.

 The owl looks a little cross. It's probably because his heart is wonky.

Oh well, it's something for me to work on!

My Folksy listing today in black crochet bunting. It's already listed on Etsy

I think black works as bunting. I know it's not for gardens and parties but I've got black flower garlands up in a bedroom with black and white toile. It works. In the right place it could make a really statement.

Today's Folksy July Jewels - yes there are two - are carrying on the bird theme. I love the expressions on the faces of the owls playing hide and seek by Ialbert

While the gorgeous lavendar sachets by Adien Craft  look too good to hang away in a wardrobe. I'd have to display them somewhere prominent.


Anonymous said...

Hang on in there! Day 21 only 10 days to go!

Baban Cat said...

Thanks Steve! Why didn't I do this in February? I had to choose a month with 31 days :(

cathouseprints said...

I love those birds you made! They're so cute. Your post at the beginning of the month about your art a day inspired me to try, yet I've kind of tanked, but I think blogging counts!

Indira albert said...

Lovely collection ! thanks for featuring my owls.

Hekate01 said...

Gorgeous birdies and blog xx Come find me at I featured you in mine today x

Oddball Art Co. said...

I love your new creations, they look great and the owl is so cute in his own way!!!!