Saturday, 9 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 9

It's a short one today. I've been awake since 5.00 and up since 6.30. I know for some people that's not early. This was my normal alarm time when I worked but hey, it's Saturday. The rain was hammering against the bedroom window this morning. At some stage you have to decide whether to lie there or get up and do something useful.

Yesterday on a Etsy thread The Sequinned Sheep (isn't that a great name for a shop?) mentioned finding an earwig in a hole in the middle of her bread. 'There's only one thing worse,' I wrote, 'and that's finding half an earwig.'

This what she said,

At the table on a ship having dinner a man breaks apart a biscuit and two weevils come out - one is really big and fat and one is small and thin, and the captain says: "If you had to eat one of those, which would you choose?" and the man says: "Well, I suppose I would eat the big fat one" and the captain says: "No, you should always choose the lesser of two weevils..."

That's what I chose this morning. The lesser of the two weevils was getting something done and that's the reason this is a short page.
This morning I made and listed a sunburst pincushion. Crocheted from organic cotton, it's on Folksy and Etsy

Those of you who have read my previous post, 'A Yarn', will know the problems I had making the sunburst blanket. Having used white for the pincushion I think the colour works well but I am glad I used the limited dye colour for the blanket. The white gives it a fresh, clean look while the cream is more mellow and rich.
My Folksy July Jewel today is Carol's Crafts fruit salad polymer clay bag charm. It looks good enough to eat doesn't it?

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm off to bed now!!


Mary Jane's TEAROOM said...

Love your sunburst pretty....You clearly made very good use of your early start!
Hope you have a lovely (and relaxing) Sunday,
Susan x

Creating Trouble said...

Ha ha - glad you chose the lesser of two weevils as your pincushion is really cute.