Saturday, 16 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 16

Yipeeee!! I've had a sale this morning. One of my lovely garlands is off to live in the US.

I thought I'd start with the good news.

Now for the not so good news;

Our fridge freezer has died a death so it was a frantic rush this morning to visit the Post Office and move the freezer section into the already full main freezer.

I have to buy two new tyres today.

It's monsoon rain out there and I have to drive to Oxford. Hence the need for tyres.

There's no bad news. These are just minor irritations I could do without but in the whole scheme I can put up with it.

It's a short post today.


This daisy coloured African flower pincushion is on Folksy while you can find the purple one here

I have completed a project today so instead of spreading the love I'll show you this

Have a great Saturday, just off to find my wellies!!


Claire said...

Congrats on the sale!
Your garlands are very cute!

cathouseprints said...

Congrats on your sale! That's great!