Sunday, 10 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 10

I've just come back from a girlie day out so my mind is in pink and sparkly mode.  It's such a shame that I listed something on Folksy today that is beige. I shall post the picture at the end and keep it small. Not that it isn't lovely. It's a set of coasters that's already listed on
Etsy and they always make me smile.

A quick project today. Before I left this morning I found two pieces of material that I hadn't placed together before. The pretty floral and lace contrast with the signage. It's something we talked about today. Are we becoming such a nanny state that all our actions have to be directed? Do we have to be told what to do in any given situation?
If the answer is, 'Yes!', then this pin cushion is perfect for the needleworker who needs instructions.

I did warn you that it was going to be pink!

I've been shopping in Cardiff which is something I like doing - a lot - you might have realised. We ended up in the perfumery department of my favourite shop. There are certain perfumes that I love and others - OK it's Angel - that I cannot have anywhere near me for fear of an asthma attack.

I like;
Marc Jacob's Daisy
Eau de Cartier
Issey Miyake

I wanted to try the new Swarovski perfume but it was chained down. It wasn't bling enough for me to force it off the shelf. I felt a little let down. It had one crystal on the top but I'd like crystals all over if I'm paying good money for it

When I got home I quickly flicked through Folksy's July Jewels and found this by The Whimsical Wren

This wish upon a star Swarovski crystal necklace is what I want to see draped around a bottle of perfume of the same name. Take note!

Now for today's listing. It's a set of coasters made from organic cotton. They's super absorbent and, as I said, they always made me smile. For that reason alone I've decided to go large!

Have a great week!


Oddball Art Co. said...

all beautiful I just LOVE pink and sparkly EVERYTHING!!!! Great post!

Baban Cat said...

My girls laughed at me today because I saw a Cath Kitson shop. They said I should live inside a glitter ball!

Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

I just love pink too and anything sparkly and glittery. There can never be enough pink in this world - it cheers me up no end. Lovely pin cushion and coasters