Saturday, 2 July 2011

Take one a Day

Day 2

I knew it. I knew that as soon as I started this project the sun would shine and we'd have summer! So there I was sitting in the garden with my crochet hook and organic cotton for the first time since Easter. I love to sit in the garden. Today I had the company of a rather neurotic blackbird who flitted between gathering beakfuls of mountain ash berries and alarm calling. Maybe the excitement was just too much for him!

Back to the important bit. After finishing yesterday's project I had quite a few offcuts of the pink candy stripe cotton. I'd bought more of the pink organic cotton in the John Lewis sale last week. I crocheted the same flower that I'd appliqued on the quilt, knitted a few more leaves with the organic green and appliqued them. From the cotton I made a drawstring bag, lined it and hey presto!!!

a fully lined, crochet appliqued, drawstring bag with a vertical stripe contrast.

I think that's an achievement when any right minded person would have been at the beach.

Today's listing is also an Etsy but new to Folksy today.  A blue and white, organic cotton, baby blanket

From Folksy's July Jewels I have a little gem from Iyobo Designs.  Little sweetheart earrings that are so sumptuous I want to eat them!

I'm off to the supermarket now. An evening like this calls for strawberries and a good bottle of wine.


Stephanie said...

Lovely items featured in your blog today.


Arcady said...

wow, great idea with the one-a-day thing! motivation can be a bit of a cranky bitch sometimes :P

thanks for your comment on my blog, you're a doll <3

Oddball Art Co. said...

your items are just lovely and those earrings are PERFECT!!!! Great pics! Have a fabulous day!