Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 27

I thought I'd have an easy day after the trials of yesterday. I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

The top green pom pom was the first one I made. I was rather proud of it because they don't turn out well usually. As the sun was shining I took it outside to photograph later. I then made the tassel. I wrapped it around a paperback. It's the only use for some of them! I took that outside.

There was no sign of the green pom pom. Until I saw Posie running down the garden with it in her mouth! That's what it looks like after the cat's been at it.

I used card to make the green and blue pom poms. The little green one has been crocheted. The white ones have been made by wrapping the wool around my hand. That's a much easier way.

My favourite is the fluffy white one. It looks like a snowball. It's in the rowan because the light was better there. I think I might make some huge orange ones just to fool those blackbirds.

They've now started to strip my neighbour's tree. They must be moving up the street. Systematic destruction.

My Folksy and Etsy listing today is a hot pink bookmark made from the lovely Queen Anne's lace motif. It's also got a sweet, little tassel.

It's always hard picking a Folksy July Jewel but when I had a quick click through there was only one I could choose. To go with the snowball it's got to be this cute penguin suncatcher from Diomo Glass Gifts.

Now that made you smile.


Diomoglass said...

Thank you for choosing my little penguins today!

cathouseprints said...

How fun! You realize that 27 days of you creating has rubbed off on Posie and she gave her take on the green pom-pom! LOL. Great pix, btw, and I think the poms and tassle would be cool on bookmarks, as well as holiday trees!

Oddball Art Co. said...

I LOVE that bookmark, it is beautiful and perfectly pink!!!! Great work!