Saturday, 23 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 23

23? Only 23?

I'm not doing Saturdays any more. I've been up since the crack of dawn because finally the mechanic came to fix the fridge freezer. He wanted to start early. Obviously to finish early. Three hours later he left with the parting words, 'Don't do a big shop in case something goes wrong.' Wrong!!! I've handed over my life savings to this man and he tells me something might go wrong!

I followed his instructions and waited for the 'appliance' to cool down and switch itself off. It was then safe, apparently, to assume it was working.

Another late start.

Did I mention I can't draw?

Today I tried to embroider allium seed heads. It didn't work out because the more I did the more it resembled a firework. I know I should have carried on filling in but I needed to eat and by then the 'appliance' had cooled down. I couldn't pick the embroidery up again. But I made a little something for my friend Soberts. She likes a bit of glitz and it is Saturday.

So here we have - finished and abandonded!

Today's listing is a gorgeous, organic cotton, baby blanket. It's so soft but because it's made from organic cotton. It  keeps baby cool in the summer. You'll find it on Folksy and Etsy.

Today's July Jewel is from Created by Kelly. Now Kelly can draw. It's what you'd expect from someone with a BA in Decorative Arts. Tuition please!!

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cathouseprints said...

So the seed head resemble fireworks? They are so cool! I think they'd also make a great screenprint on dish towels or aprons!

Love the glitzy tissue case, too! I know my mom would love that. She always tissues everywhere! In her purse, on the chair, under her pillow, in her pockets (and they sometimes go through the laundry!)