Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Take one a day

Day 5

I'm a bit bleary eyed this morning. Dizzy decided not to come home last night - again. On such a hot and muggy night she was probably hunting small, terrified creatures in the fields around our house. I've tried to warn her about foxes but will she listen!

At 3.30 there was a double thump at the open window of my bedroom. Front paws, back paws and then a 'I'm hoooooooooome!!!!' I had to get up, take her downstairs before she chewed up the carpets and tore down the curtains. It was difficult to sleep after that. First the song thrushes, then the blackbirds followed by the woodpigeons and then the rain. At least the rain meant the temperature dropped and the air freshened enough for me to have another few hours of sleep.

When I checked my sites today I had a pleasant surprise in my Flickr message box. Two of my photos have been shortlisted for inclusion in Schmap London

Spitalfields Market

Greenwich Market

I should know by the end of the week if they made it.

Looking back at these photos I don't know why I go to London so infrequently. These  come from a great weekend in Greenwich. We stayed in Devonport House which is so convenient for walks, buses and, of course, pubs. Rolla is down this weekend so I'll try to organise a weekend. Not in July, though, I have other things planned.

Today I've been making mice. I was so taken with Audrey's Cat's mice that I had an attempt at a simpler version. The first one I made was too small. I used some recycled curtain material but it frays badly. Not much good when you have to slip stitch the ends. Plus I sewed his poor, little face on the wrong side. The second was better but I hadn't placed the back seam evenly so he has a lopsided bottom. The third was better.

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you, 'A Nasty Infestation of Mice at Number 17'

Today's listing is the bowl of flowers that I made yesterday. There are 10 caramel and 10 white flowers that are perfect for applique, jewellery, gift tags and 101 other things. They also remind me of caramel swirls. Do they even sell them these days?

You'll find them, the flowers not the swirls, on Folksy and Etsy

I'm finding it harder each day to decide which is my favourite July Jewel. It's great fun browsing through the listings every day. There are so many talented people whose skills deserve to be shown to a wider audience that today I'm going to pick two.

 A set of green polymer clay flower buttons from Averilpam etc

and a sweet, little ACEO from Lilipopo at Glass Mountain

Thanks to all of you for your kind words yesterday. I really appreciate it xx


Anonymous said...

Ok, Here I am as promised. Love the blog - don't know if I'll be able to write as much or as well!

Baban Cat said...

Ah, when I'm writing I'm not talking so that's a bonus for those around me!

lilipopo said...

Congratulations on your photographs, I love the flower market in particular, and your crochet flowers. Thankyou for including my little picture on your blog.

Kate x

averilpam said...

Good luck with the photos, they are great, I'm sure they deserve to be included! Thanks for including my buttons, I'm so pleased you like them - I love lilipopo's pictures too!